Семейная фотосессия на Майорке на природе

Невероятные люди с такой заряжающей энергетикой встречаются на моем пути! Например, эта семья, фотосессию для которой мы делали в Испании на острове Майорка.

One of my absolute favorite parts of my job is seeing families and little ones grow over the months and years. Its an honor and so fun to document everything that changes. Personalities get bigger, just like the physical. Kids. Grow. Fast. They grow like weeds and it’s why I believe my job to be really important. Photos of parents and their children at all of the stages they love most. That’s it!

I adore them all and the thought of shooting their family love again, in this new stage of life, had me so excited. A mobile little brother and two of the most perfectly adorable and sweet big sisters. My dream session.

Perfectly styled, they were a great fit for location that this mama requested — cool place in Mallorca. Lush greens, pretty stairs, gorgeous evening light. Just perfect. Kind of like them in my *expert* opinion!

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